What is a Zimmer?????

I get asked all the time 'where can we go and rent a 'cottage' or what is the equivalent of a B&B in Israel?

In Israel, these are known as a Zimmer.  They can be B&B, honeymoon type couples get aways, family holiday rentals etc....and they come in all shapes and sizes. 

The general populace makes pilgrimmage to the north of the country in the summer to the Galilee and Golan for the wonderful mountain air and breeze.   Take the time to visit Israel's award winning wine country, Golan, Dalton, Tepperberg, Tavor and my personal favorite, Tishbi wineries.   On Mt. Tavor visit the Marzipan museum with the kids, visit the ancient hot springs of Tiberias and take a jeep to the waterfalls of the Banyas.  

In the winter they usually head south to the Dead Sea, Eilat and the Negev dessert, this is why Masada was Herrod's winter palace.  Qumran, Ein Gedi nature and wildlife reserve, the Air Force museum near Beer Sheva.  So much to see, in such a small country.

It can be a much more authentic way to see the country then a hotel.  Many Zimmers are run by families and you are treated as part of the family, breakfast included.  Its usually more reasonable to boot. 

No matter when you visit, there is a Zimmer with your name on it.

Specialized Family Events

Last summer I was honoured to be part of a Bat Mitzvah tour for two amazing young women.  Twin sisters who have CP and certain special requirements.  This was a three generational tour, grandmother, parents, the twins and their older brother.  We were able to have a wonderful tour of the Old City which included a number of sites that have wheelchair access.  I was able to arrange for special parking passes and access to the Jewish Quarter where we toured The Hurva, The Cardo, The Kotel, and much more plus we participated in the sifting project at Emek Tzurim.

This summer, I was fortunate to be part of a wonderful Bar Mitzvah tour which was again, a multi generational tour and which included one set of grandparents who are both deaf.  We had a fabulous sign language interpreter with us and everyone agreed that it was an amazing and meaningful expereince.

We want every family with what ever challenges to see their homeland and have that unique family celebration.  Don't hesistate to book your simcha in Israel, we are thoroughly experienced and prepared to make it exceptional.

Book your event now, contact us today.

Schools out for summer.

This is the last week for elementary school children in Israel.  They finish on June 30 (Jr High and High school finished on June 20).

Now the fun really begins.  Loads of things to do, places to see and special events........

Various summer camps like the All Sport Camp out of the Kraft Staduim, Machenayim and many others will be up and running.  If you're coming over and would like your kids to spend some time in a day camp we can point you in the right direction.  Many of the camps are run as week long units.

Don't miss MONDAYS in JULY at the Mahane Yehuda open market.  There will be live street entertainment and fun!!

Hebrew Book Week has ended but many of the bookstores keep the sales going until the end of the month.  If you're a book person or looking for gifts, now is the time to buy and put them away.

The 28th Jerusalem International Film Festival kicks off on July 7 - 16, if you're going to be here then go to their website and book early.

Celebration season is underway!

From Shavuot (Pentacost) until the fast of 17 Tammuz (= July 19, 2011) weddings here are in full swing.  There will be a three week break where weddings don't take place until after the fast of 9 Av (= Aug. 9, 2011).  Then we'll be back into wedding mode before the run up to the Jewish High Holidays at the end of September.

Not so with Bar Mitzvahs, which take place three times a week, pretty much no matter what.  Mondays and Thursdays are the main days for these celebrations at venues around the country, the main one being at The Western Wall - The Kotel.

Our most recent celebration was a Bar Mitzvah which went off without a hitch.  The family visiting from England was thrilled.  The day before we took them to buy a unique Tallit for the Bar Mitzvah boy (and one for his younger brother who will be Bar Mitzvahed next year), after which we toured The Old City and learned about much of Jerusalem's history.  The Service was beautiful, brunch was delicious and everyone had a smile on their face.  Most of all the Bar Mizvah boy, who can now relax.

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