Gifts and Giving

jerusalem8shofar-140032Gifts - Unique gifts from various artists in Israel, each one with a story.  Give something really special and at the same time support a Jewish artist living in the Holyland.

Unique Jewellery - A Pomagranate, a Star of David or a Heart with the Land of Israel.  These beautiful designs also have an opening so that you can slip your rings on to them while you wash your hands before a meal.  A beautiful Bat Mitzvah or Wedding Gift.

Personalized  Art - Ever wondered what to do with the glass that is shattered under the Huppa?  How about a wonderful and special present that they won't get two of.  A piece of art that is a one of a kind, using the glass from their own Huppa. 

Giving - Get your friends and family to help you raise money for your charity.

Becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah is more than just a ceremony or a party, its about becoming a responsible Jewish adult and making your personal mark within the nation.  Do it with a speical website that can help you chart your progress and achieve your goal.  There is no shortage of charities that need your help, lets match you up with one that suit your personality and interests.