HeraldsFrom the most simple to the extremely unique we have the knowhow to make your celebration and trip a supreme success. Let us make your Simcha a special one, you show up and we've done the organizing for you.

Here is just a not so small idea of what we can do for you to make sure you enjoy your day, by taking the 'headache' away:

NEW SERVICE! Whether you're a first timer to Israel or a seasoned traveler we now offer an online itinerary planning service, to make your stay a smooth and interesting one. We build tailor made itineraries allowing you to utilize 'on site' guides, we also have country wide guides to take you for all or only part of your stay, as well as tourism advice while in the country.

Tzedaka Matching - Help to make your special day unique.  Part of reaching the age of Bar and Bat Mitzvah is becoming a responsible Jewish adult and making your personal mark within the nation.  We'll match you with a charity project that will suit your personality and interests.  While getting your friends and family to help you reach your goal and follow the progress on your own personalized web site.

Training– We can find you the right person to train your son for his big day, anywhere in the world.

Tallit (prayer shawl) – We've come a long way!!! Most boys don't want the same Tallit as their fathers and grandfathers. Now the market has come into its own, colours, linen, wool, satin, silk, with matching bags and kippot. We'll take you to places to see things you've never dreamed could be. Put your mark on the day with a special Tallit.

Tefillin (phylacteries) – The other mandatory item for any Bar Mitzvah boy. We can help you get a great pair of Tefillin directly from the scribe and they will cost a lot less than similar ones in a store.

cakeCake – Personalized and unique cakes for any celebration.

Photographer & Videographer – Stills and videos; those memories which will last a lifetime.

tour_guide_jenniTour Guides – Licensed Israeli Ministry of Tourism and Education guides who can help you to see beyond the regular tour.  Specialty tours available for the hearing impaired (sign language), wheel chair access, etc...

Tour Itinerary – For those who want to do it on their own. For many this is a once in lifetime trip and not a cheap one. We will plan out an personalized itinerary for your whole trip, so you don't waste a moment while you're here, by utilizing site 'in house' guides and making the best use of your time.

Unique gifts – Whether you are coming to an event in Israel, sending a present to someone while they are here or sending it to someone who had their celebrations elsewhere, these uniquely Israeli gifts are sure to be the one thing they will talk about. Not the run of the mill item but personal, special and exquisite.

Catering – For every budget; from Bagel breakfasts to fully catered meals.

Celebration Venues – Places to celebrate somewhere special, unique or off the beaten.

Ceremony Venues – Not everyone wants a Bar Mitzva at The Kotel, last week there were 120 going on at the same time, its loud and its noisy. For some, it's the only option and for others, who want something more intimate, let us help you check out the options.

Rabbi –To ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly.

kotelHeralds - Procession attendents – Hallelujah with horns and shofars, drum and a huppa we'll get you to the celebration in style.

Parking – One of the most difficult problems of modern events in an ancient land. Our knowledge can lessen the stress.

Hotels and guest houses – Accommodation to suit one and all.

Music – Whether you want a DJ, a band or just a guitar or harp; we have the right music for you.

Live Feed – For those who can't make the trip to celebrate with you in Israel, we can offer a live feed at some of the venues so that your family and friends can watch you on your big day.