Why a personalized itinerary?

One of our most popular services is the personalized itinerary.  So why is this useful?

First of all paying for a tour guide each day, of say a 14 day trip is costly, minimum $250 a day.  Second, many of the sites in Israel today provide in house guides who are far more informed about the particular location than your regular tour guide.  There is often no additional cost for this service and for these guides this is their specialty.  Third you can do things at your own pace and you don't have to feel pressured to keep up with the tour guide's scheduled plans.  Last but not least, we tailor the itinerary to your family or group according to age, interest and priorities.

Cost for the personalized itinerary service, for up to 14 days is $300.  That's a little more than the cost of a tour guide for one full day.  That mean that you have a huge savings. 

A number of popular sites in Israel, The Kotel Tunnels or the Palmach Musuem to name just a few, need advance booking.  If you are unaware of this you may have to miss out on them until your next trip.  Paying for a guide to take you to these types of sites is a waste.  These site's own guided tour is included in your admission price at no extra cost to you.   

Go with the flow.  Sometimes you'd rather sleep in, you are on vacation after all.  We are always available for last minute changes when there is a need and where it is possible.  If you're not paying for a guide, then you feel free to take a break when you want to or reschedule something of importance.  We are always happy to recommend restaurants and make reservations.  Bottem line, you are in control; you manage your itinerary.

Travelling with both kids and grandparents can be challenging.  Need wheelchair access?  Been here before and want to do something really different?  When planning your personalized itinerary we look at the group's needs and wants and then plan accordingly.  Most tour companies have set tours that they'll offer you, just like a set menu in a restarurant.  Each itinerary Israel Simcha Central plans is uniquely yours.  From boutique wineries and agriculture, indepth with the military, art and culture, medical and industry, multicultural, settlements and natural growth, tzedaka (charities), hesed (good will) and even personal shopping are just some of the areas we cover. 

A few years ago a good friend of mine in education back in the US came to collect photos and info about teaching Israel in the new millenium.  She told me that in her community they were still teaching about kumzitz (campfire), hora (the dance) and kova tembel (the famous sun hat) things that we connect to the early days of the country.  She wanted to get her teachers into modern Israel and look at the start up nation as it is now, the computer Industry, medical advancements, scientific achievments and a record number of Nobel Prizes.  If you're still seeing Israel as it was, take another look and see Israel like you've never seen it before.