What we did on our vacation to the north

So we just came back from five nights in the north of the country.  Here is what we did with kids ages 9, 5, and 3.

1.  Kfar HaRoe on the No. 4 highway north.  This is a religious moshav and is home to the amazing Jacob's Dairy.  They make the best cheeses in Israel and they're coupled with a baker who makes unique and delicious breads.  Bought cheese and bread; made sandwiches for lunch.

2.  Tishbi Winery - Binyamina on the outskirts of Zichron Yaakov- on the best wineries in Israel.  Stopped for a tour of the winery and wine making process.  Wine and chocolate tasting (could have done without the chocolate, really creamy French chocolates - not my thing).  Bought wine.  Tishbi has amazing wines, my recomendation is their Pinot Noir, best in the country.

3.  Tzimmered it - Private Tzimmer with private pool on Moshav Shefer in the Upper Galilee.  Great deal.  Young couple runs the local makolet and pizzaria.  Their pizza is the best I've had in years!!!

4.  Shabbat Take out food - Taamim in Meron.  Bought prepared Shabbat food in Meron (right at the first traffic circle and about 4 houses down).  They also have a restaurant. 

5.  Meron - had to go to the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (AKA Rashbi).  This is where many boys have their first haircut at age three (Ashkenazim call this an Upshirin and Sephardim call this a Halake) and where there are MAJOR bonfires on Lag BaOmer.  It was quiet when were there so it was nice.

6.  Mini Golf - in a moshav called Parod there is mini golf, a paint ball shooting range, bouncy castles, wooden bowling and various kiddie games.  It was a very nice stop for our group.

7.  Tnuva Visitors Centre - no go.  You need to book in advance and children under 5 are not allowed in.  So with my almost 4 year old it was moot anyway.

8.  Shooting range - Our diverse family has many things it likes to do.  Had to hit the shooting range for my 16 year old who joined us for part of the time.  We had a wonderful instructor and I bought the little kids nurf guns so they could shoot at the targets too!!!

9.  Marzipan Musuem - Kfar Tavor.  We did this year ago with our older ones, now it ws the little kids turns.  If Tishbi was the highlight of my trip, this was the highlight of the kids trip.  The cost of the museum and shot film is worth it only because it comes with a marzipan (and if you want Chocolate too!) workshop.  Kids are still raving about what fun this was.

10. The Land of Olive Oil and Honey  - In Migdal there is a place that still makes olive oil the old way, using stones for crushing not modern cutting and chopping equipment.  After an tour of the tiny factory, you can taste the various oils they make and compare to the modern process.  There is a small restaurant and pita making workshop (both need to be arranged in advance).  Best olive oil I've ever tasted.  Its directly opposite the Migdal musuem which also needs to be arranged in advance.

11.  Bet Alfa - On the way home we hit Bet Alfa where there is a sixth century mosaic synagogue floor.  Nicely done movie, with English subtitles, short and sweet.

12.  Belvoir - back tracked a little to go to Belvoir a crusader fortress at the top of a mountain over looking the Jordan valley.  Lovely picnicing areas.  Kids loved the fortress and the view is incredible.

Home sweet home.

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